From Refuge to Refuge

The routes "From Shelter to Shelter" in the Park
The project offers 11 three-day routes (two overnight) connecting shelters, tourist farms, inns and old farmsteads that will offer the best of rural hospitality, immersed in the local tradition and in a territory rich in history and nature, certain of a warm welcome upon arrival at the facilities involved. A box set is also available, collecting all the cards of the proposed rings, and a passport dedicated to the project, which can be used by those who decide to follow the recommended itineraries. It is possible to request the hiker’s box and passport directly at the facilities involved or at the offices and information structures of the National Park. !!!ATTENTION!!! AT THE MOMENT, RINGS No. 1and 9 ARE NOT ACCESSIBLE Before embarking on an excursion, consult the state of practicability of the paths.