Arboretum and Carlo Siemoni Museum

The Arboretum was born in 1846 as a Park alongside the Prataglia Abbey, soon the Bohemian Forest Inspector Karl Siemon, called by the Grand Duke to manage the Royal Casentino forest in 1835, will transform and expand the park. Many of the plants planted by Siemoni are still present in the 3 hectares of the oldest arboretum in Italy and are fascinating for their monumentality; 139 species can be found in total. Right next to the Arboretum and the Forest Barracks, the State Forestry Corps created an interesting forest museum in 1985, completely reorganized and enlarged in recent years. In it the visitor will find thematic rooms with information on the flora, fauna and history of forestry work in the Casentino forests.

Via Nazionale, 52010 Badia Prataglia, AR
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