Camaldoli e il Sacro Eremo

Camaldoli’s story begins a few years after the fateful anniversary of the year 1000 and is associated with the figure of San Romualdo, a monk from Ravenna who preached the Rule of San Benedetto. On his way to the Badia di Santa Trinità, located on the slopes of Pratomagno, he took a break around 1012 in a clearing not far from the Apennine ridge. There, fascinated by the solitary beauty of the forest and stimulated by the concrete possibility of building a refuge for pilgrims and travellers who frequented the area, he decided to build a hermitage there. The hermitage was consecrated in 1027; in 1080 the hospice became the monastery. From the beginning of its centuries-old history Camaldoli became one of the most significant examples of how monastic management contributed to the conservation and propagation of environmental and naturalistic values.

Strada Provinciale 124 dell'Eremo, 52014 Poppi, AR