Refettorio del Pellegrino of La Verna

For those who want to stay for a period in the Sanctuary, there are multiple types of reception available. La Verna is a place of spirituality and pilgrimage, therefore services and modalities of permanence are offered in accordance with the nature of the place. The guesthouse is dedicated to individuals, families and groups who wish to stay a few days in La Verna, to pray together with the friars and to rest. The guesthouse has numerous rooms, with heating, services and shower. For pilgrims who visit the places of San Francesco on foot, there is a simple type of reception, in a dormitory with 15 beds (bring a sleeping bag or sheets) for one night. Due to limited places, reservations are required.

Santuario della Verna, 52010 Chiusi della Verna (AR)
+39 0575 5341 +39 0575 534210 -534211