1 - Trek 31 - The Lama: ancient forests in the middle of the National Park

Passo Fangacci (Badia Prataglia) – Gioghetto – Acuti Ditch – La Lama – Scalandrini Ditch – Fangacci Magnificent plateau, partly marshy (hence the origin of the name: lama = impaluded and / or unsafe terrain), nestled between woods and rocky cliffs, the Lama bears all the beauty of its contrasts. For fifteen years it has not been reachable by car with the road coming from Cancellino, at the Mandrioli Pass, a road which still exists but which is rightly today reserved for surveillance needs and transformed into a beautiful cycle path. For those who want to reach it on foot, the following itinerary is recommended, of great charm for the gradual, didactic approach, almost textbook, with the environment of the “historical” Forests.