2 - Trek 1 - huge Tredozio's arboreal patriarchs

From the oak of Bagno to the beech trees of Bepi spring – and with the surprise of the “Carpinone” We are on the edge of the Park and outside the “historical” Forests, yet in a deeply suggestive environmental context, full of large trees that the Park itself has linked in an itinerary marked on the spot and that goes from the Bagno oak to the large beech of Valdanda. The excursion proposed here “complicates” everything – pleasantly, we hope – by adding the detour that reaches the beautiful Ponte Lake and then going up the entire ditch of Valdanda from below. It is obvious that anyone who wants to shorten the route (which in fact thus has a certain length and a not negligible difference in height) can do it in various ways, simply by looking at the map and discarding parts of the route, even there and there. However, we are sure that the naturalistic and “geographical” gratification, with the complete excursion, is maximum.