2 - Trek 11 - From meadows Mandriacce to Burraia ones

For Poggio Palaio and Ponticino descent to Campigna Beautiful ring ride, indeed, almost “balloon” since there is a first single stretch, in common between the round trip. It is feasible in any season and recommended even in the hottest summer thanks to the constant shading of the path. The great forest suggestion is hardly disturbed by the crossings of asphalted roads – four! – which slightly reduce the wild charm of the places. It is also the heart of the park, in the center of the “historical” forests, with the vast ancient fir trees that have given the Campigna basin the appearance we all know. Crucial and dense points of further suggestion are the large clearing of Burraia, just below the ridge between Falco Mount and La Calla Pass, and finally the centuries-old “avenue” of lime and maple trees of Campigna, remembered by Dino Campana in his “Journey to La Verna “Completed in September 1910 and included in the Orphic Songs.