2 - Trek 3 - From Castagno d'Andrea to Piscino waterfall

Going along the “Enrico Boni” path-return to the Migliari basin Beautiful hiking ring with a destination of great naturalistic impact, the wild Piscino waterfall. It is highly advisable, especially when causes of force majeure (snow, weather conditions, lack of time) do not allow access to the classic high altitude laps, towards Falterona and / or Falco Mounts. In case, to fill the day and as an appendix to the excursion, Castagno offers several alternatives. Apart from the Andrea’s house, a Renaissance painter whose works do not remain in the village, with plaque and with purely evocative charm, a visit to the church, rebuilt after the war and equipped with frescoes simply impressive for their subversive but extremely human charge, is suggested.