Foreste Sacre - stop 2: San Benedetto in Alpe - Castagno d'Andrea

Second stop of the route that from the first bend of the road to Marradi follows the easy path that goes up the valley of Acquacheta ditch with beautiful views over the watercourse. After the Molino dei Romiti you reach the base of the Fall, the most famous waterfall in the northern Apennines; shortly after you cross the Lavane ditch and climb up to the beautiful Romiti plateau, inhabited in the Middle Ages by a monastic community. Beyond the stream, continue until you reach a comfortable forest track that leads to Crocione (976 m), where you find the road that climbs from the Eremo dei Toschi, visible in the lower left corner; from here continue along the semi-flat ridge to the Muraglione Pass, an important road pass between Romagna and Mugello. Going down the Tuscan side, you cross the road of the Tre Faggi Pass almost immediately, then continuing among magnificent fruit chestnut trees alternating with coppices and old abandoned crops. The stream before going up near the restored village of Serignana. After the cemetery of Castagno d’Andrea you will arrive in a few minutes to the village, the birthplace of the painter Andrea del Castagno and a popular holiday resort on the slopes of Mount Falterona.