Foreste Sacre - stop 3: Castagno d'Andrea - Campigna

On the third day of the walk, from the upper part of the town of Castagno you climb into the woods along the path that crosses along the numerous hairpin bends of the road to the Borbotto spring. From spring continue climbing along beech forest till Gorga Nera pond, then continuing beyond the watershed up to a forest track that leads to the spring of Capo d’Arno. The path continues crossing the southern slope of Mount Falterona through woods and marshes up to Idoli lake, a very important archaeological site which recent works have brought back to the original conditions of a body of water immersed in the forest. The Montelleri pastures lead again on the ridge at the foot of the summit of Mount Falterona, accessible with a short detour. The path continues on the ridge dotted with clearings and low spots of mountain pine to the top of Mount Falco (1657 m), the highest altitude of the Tuscan-Romagna Apennines and an extraordinary balcony overlooking the Casentino and Romagna. From the top you descend slowly, meeting the antennas of a military installation and then the vast meadows of Burraia, close to Calla Pass. From there you go down to the nearby CAI refuge “Città di Forlì”.