I - Trek 1 - Cozzo del Diavolo

Lago di Ponte – Le Piane – Valico del Tramazzo – Cozzo del Diavolo – Lago di Ponte

Nice ring walk, always recommended, even in the middle of summer given the prevalence of shady sections and on the north side; only the slope between the Tramazzo pass and the Cozzo del Diavolo is sunny, however short and largely reforested. The attribution of the maximum excursion difficulty (5 shoes) refers to the first part of the descent along the north ridge of Monte Val dei Porri: it is a marked path, but the considerable slope, the rocky steps and the exposure mean that in certain winter conditions (ice, snow, mud) a lot of attention and caution is required. Obviously under normal conditions there are no particular problems. For those who have time it is highly advisable to take the short detour (calculate just over an hour, excluding stop, between there and back) to Trebbana and the splendid ultra-secular oak tree which stands near Ca ‘de Pian.