I - Trek 5 - Toschi Hermitage

Osteria – Toschi hermitage- Fiera dei Poggi – Ca’ Erta – Osteria

Round tour that from the valley floor of Montone reaches the watershed ridge overlooking the Acquacheta basin and then the main Apennine ridge, at over 1000 meters above sea level. From an environmental point of view, it is worth noting the constant presence of woods, first of oak and hornbeam, then of beech; the latter, with recent conversions to high trees – from coppices they were – have largely regained an aspect closer to naturalness. From a historical point of view, the itinerary is characterized by being the access to the very ancient (XI century) Hermitage of the Toschi or Tusci, now recovered and used as a farm and accommodation facility that gives hospitality to hikers, still very suggestive for the superb isolation and the position nestled between the meadows at the top of the valley of the Fosso Pian di Soia.