In the footsteps of Oriani towards Mandrioli

Bagno di Romagna – Mandrioli – Nocicchio – M. Carpano – S. Piero in Bagno – Bagno di Romagna
Easy itinerary, one of the first to get to know the park by MTB; in practice the “difficulties” lie in the first part only, that is, in the ascent along the provincial road of Mandrioli, however it is not hard and usually without traffic. Then it is a great ride on the Savio-Bidente ridge, from Nocicchio to the glue of Monte Piano, always traveling on 1000-1050 meters. The climb, despite the asphalt, has important environmental values, with its geography textbook landscapes. There are also numerous reasons of historical and artistic interest in the two villages of the valley floor, Bagno and San Piero, for our digressions as “tourists”.
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