Nature Trail in Ponte Lake

Welcome to Ponte Lake

Why are our mountains so rich in woods, why do oaks and beeches love certain places and not others and what affects natural vegetation? The territory is an open book full of stories to be interpreted and this Nature Trail wants to help us to understand certain keys of interpretation. For this purpose it is necessary to introduce the definitions of macroclimate, mesoclimate, microclimate. The first occurs in a large territory and corresponds to the climate of large regions; mesoclimate means the variation of the climate of a region according to the exposure or the slope; finally, microclimate refers to the situation in a limited point on the surface, such as the undergrowth of a forest. The Nature Trail takes place in the upper Tramazzo valley and starts from the suggestive Lago di Ponte. The “wilderness” of this valley, however, is a “return”: man inhabited and exploited these territories until a few decades ago, then abandoned them. You will not find the centuries-old forests of the upper Bidente or Casentino, but a myriad of natural spaces to discover during the many excursions. The hope is to make people appreciate the balance between the living and the physical aspect of the territory: recognizing a flower or a tree and not understanding why it is found in that environment can be of little gratification. We therefore try to walk, observe, recognize and … use our most important quality, intelligence.