I – Trek 12 – A panoramic double ring on the Bidente delle Celle

Difficulty: 3 scarponi su 5 19 km 600 m 6 h

Lago di Corniolo - Ripe Toscane - Celle - Pian del Grado - Poderone - M. della Maestà - Lago di Corniolo

Very long excursion - but shortened, if desired, from Celle and thus cutting the final ring for Pian del Grado - which touches places of rare suggestion: the sunny rocky walls of the Ripe Toscane with the underlying meanders of the Bidente, the cerro woods, all the buildings of the itinerary (often of considerable architectural and typological interest), the ridge of return with the final surprise of the castle of Corniolino (Castellaccio di Corniolino).

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