Cross the Park in MTB

Difficulty: 4 ruote su 5 75 km 3900 3400 2 giorni

A "total crossing" of the park, which has its own undeniable charm going from one end of the protected area to the other using, wherever possible, its truest backbone, represented by the summit watershed ridge. In spite of the pure numerical data, apparently disheartening (look at the differences in height!), It is not as tiring as the first impression suggests, provided that - of course - you are at least a little trained and take everything calmly, without wanting to overdo it. Do not underestimate the climatic characteristics: always (or almost) on the ridge, normally the trans-park is not feasible in winter and not even in springs with abundant snow (at higher altitudes it remains even until late April-early May) . The reasons of interest linked to the landscape and the variety of environments make it a proposal of great interest. It is a path "of nature" even before that of sport. And we can only indicate it as the final crown, of priceless satisfaction, to the other MTB routes of the Park.

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