Badia Prataglia Visitor Centre

The culture of Badia Prataglia’s inhabitants is still imbued with the centuries-old relationship between spirituality and forest, between the history of woodworking and the poor art of local artisans. It is therefore precisely this relationship that is proposed as a central theme for the Badia Prataglia Visitor Centre, the most important center within the National Park. In the showcase of the forest works, objects made by old local craftsmen are exhibited. On the second floor there is the large model that shows the territory of the Park and the Siemoni room, which owes much of the expansion and conservation of the forests and the reintroduction of some species of wild animals. Near the Visitor Centre it is possible to visit the Arboretum and Forestry Museum “Carlo Siemoni” where, in addition to photos, there is a model of the geology of the area and a xiloteca.

Via Nazionale , 52010 Badia Prataglia, Poppi AR
+39 0575 557247