Castagno d'Andrea Visitor centre

The Falterona mountain chain is the most important mountain complex in the Park and, on the Florentine side of the protected area, it is presented in a majestic and wild way. The Visitor Center deals with the theme of the mountain in many aspects: there is the space dedicated to the “famous travelers” (Etruscans, Dante, Dino Campana, the allied troops); the space relating to the “Anatomy of the mountain”; in the room of the” Civilization of the chestnut” the stories of the inhabitants of Castagno and their relationship with the cultivation of chestnut are traced. In the” room of suggestions” you can watch a projection on the mountain and on the seasons of the chestnut grove. In the upper floor a space, equipped with computers, projectors and other communication tools, is open to groups and school groups.

Via della Rota, 50060 Castagno d'Andrea FI
+39 055 8375125