Information Point and Ornithological Museum

The National Park Information Point is located in the splendid and suggestive scenery of the Camaldoli Forest, where you can receive information material, buy publications and gadgets of Park and book excursions. Inside you can visit the Ornithological Museum, which hosts the precious “Biggeri” collection, accompanied by exhibition itineraries and educational installations. In Camaldoli you can visit two suggestive religious complexes immersed in the forest: the Sacred Hermitage and the Monastery. Both are the expression of the rule of S. Romualdo, founder of the Camaldolese order in the 11th century, which provided from one side the isolation of a hermit (Hermitage) and from the other side the monastic life of the Benedictine order (Monastery). we suggest to visit the Nature Path, which winds through the woods surrounding the Monastery. The forest is the central theme of this route: from white fir, the symbol of Camaldoli, to the majestic Miraglia chestnut.

Loc. Camaldoli, 52014 Poppi, AR
+39 0575 552103