La Gorga Nera

The Gorga Nera is a wet biotope that can be reached with short excursions both from the Florentine side of Castagno d’Andrea and from the Forlì side of Campigna. The name “Gorga Nera” often described places where thunder or rumbles originated, which were made by atmospheric disturbances. The genesis of the marsh in this case is historically documented and linked to a landslide that it happened in 1335 from Monte Falterona, which destroyed the Castagno town and formed the lake. The legend of the Badalischio, a strange snake that would have originated here, is also linked to the Gorga Nera. Today the Gorga Nera appears as a small but important wetland, recently restored by the Park Authority and by the Florentine Mountain Community, one of the most important reproductive sites of the Rana temporaria, the rarest red frog in the National Park.