Pian del Grado

Pian del Grado is a pretty and well-preserved village at the foot of Falterona, near the Fosso del Satanasso and the disturbing presence of Mantellini, the brigand who with his ghost, always accompanied by the goat, scared the lumberjacks who frequented these woods. It is one of the very few villages, intended as agglomerated housing, preserved in the Romagna side of the Park, when normally there is a different form of population of the territory: the scattered houses, which are part of a church and a rectory that served as point of reference for the inhabitants of that area. Pian del Grado is located along the wild Bidente delle Celle valley, one of the two branches of the Bidente di Corniolo which, together with the Ridracoli and Strabatenza branches, have shaped the territory upstream of Santa Sofia over the course of geological history.

Via Poderone, 47018 Santa Sofia FC