San Benedetto Visitor Centre

The purpose of this Visitor Centre is to briefly illustrate the historical and cultural aspects of the Park’s territory, with particular regard to Dante’s memories both in Tuscany and Romagna, and therefore to the centuries of Florentine domination on the Romagna side of the Apennines. Inside the structure an interactive model highlights the sites of the main naturalistic and historical-artistic emergencies. The Visitor Centre is developed in three sections: “The structure of the territory and the use of spontaneous resources”, which explains the geological formation methods of the territory; “Human settlement and the care of the forest” dedicated above all to monastic settlements including the Romiti and San Benedetto in Alpe; “The territory between conservation and exploitation” which develops the theme of forest heritage management.

Viale Acquacheta, 47010 San Benedetto in Alpe FC
+39 3497667400