Stia wool mill

In Casentino wool processing has very ancient origins. Starting from the Middle Ages, rough and poor wool was the origin of the well-known Casentino cloth, a rough and wear-resistant fabric. Originally it was worn by monks and mountaineers, today it is widespread throughout Italy. Wool was a precious resource, so much so that in 1861 the Casentino wool company owned by Ricci family was the most important company in the Casentino. The development of the wool mills was due, in addition to the presence of sheep, also by the abundance of waterways that facilitated the fabric processing operations. Today at the Stia wool mill there is an exhibition where documents of various kinds are collected (samples, production documents, accounting instruments), objects of particular symbolic value, period items in Casentino fabric.

Via Giovanni Sartori, 52017 Stia AR