02- Ancient trails along Bidente delle Celle

Corniolo – Le Fontanelle – Campigna – Corniolo
A simple ring path around one of the wildest valleys of the protected area, that of the Bidente delle Celle, going up the famous Ripe Toscane and Satanasso ditch, until reaching the peaks of Falco Mount and Falterona Mount, from which to descend to the splendid Campigna Forest and to the Corniolino Castle.

  • FIRST DAY: Corniolo – Le Fontanelle: 11 km – Difference in altitude 900 m – Time 5.5 hours

  • SECOND DAY: Le Fontanelle – Campigna: 12 km – Difference in altitude 300 m – Time 4 hours

  • THIRD DAY: Campigna – Corniolo: 7 km – Difference in altitude 50 m – Time 2.5 hours

For more information, download the ring detail sheet