06 - Monks lands and Grand Duke

Camaldoli – La Burraia – La Chiusa – Camaldoli
An itinerary that develops in the upper Casentino and straddles Romagna and Tuscany: from the Hermitage of Camaldoli the route will take us to Calla Pass and the Burraia meadows, retracing the ancient Legni road, and then descending again in Tuscany along the beautiful valley of the Oia stream.

  • FIRST DAY: Hermitage of Camaldoli – La Burraia: 11 km – Difference in altitude 650 m – Time 5.5 hours

  • SECOND DAY:La Burraia – La Chiusa: 8 km – Difference in altitude 150 m -Time 4 hours

  • THIRD DAY: La Chiusa – Eremo di Camldoli:13 km – Difference in altitude 750 m – Time 6 hours

For more information, download the ring detail sheet.