08 - Verna and Vallesanta

Badia Prataglia – Podere Santicchio – La Verna – Badia Prataglia
A particular ring that will allow us to reach the Sacro Monte della Verna in the most beautiful and spectacular way possible, or by foot: the welcome of the small villages of Vallesanta, the arrival at the Monumental Forest and the view of the spectacular rocks on on which the Sanctuary rests, even the most inattentive hiker will not be left indifferent.

  • FIRST DAY: Badia Prataglia – Podere Santicchio: 16 km – Difference in altitude 800 m – Time 6.5 hours

  • SECOND DAY: Podere Santicchio – La Verna: 18 km – Difference in altitude 800 m – Time 7 hours

  • THIRD DAY: Podere Santicchio – Badia Prataglia: 9 km – Difference in altitude 350 m – Time 3.5 hours

For more information, download the ring detail sheet.