1 - Trek 10 - Long ring trip above Castel dell'Alpe

Castel dell’Alpe – Case Amedani – Casa Bucine – Poggio Orticai – Forcone – Castel dell’Alpe

Long (but not excessively) and highly recommended excursion, both for the variety of the route and for the many reasons of historical, landscape and naturalistic interest. The whole first part, with the ascent of the left side of the Fosso di Pian dell’Alpe, takes place in an open and sunny slope which is historically used for human settlement, with houses, crops and pastures, while the opposite side of the valley has always been kept in the woods. A great ride on the ridge follows, between solemn high-trunk beech woods, up to the Three Beeches Pass (Passo delle Tre Querce). The descent, in the valley floor of the Fosso del Forcone, follows the ancient main road, parallel to the stream, once traveled by mule drivers, charcoal burners, merchants, pilgrims. The environment is always fairytale, with stretches of intact and extremely suggestive woods.