1 - Trek 2 - Among the giants of the Tramazzo Valley

Lago di Ponte – Le Piane – Colle Tramazzo – Valdanda – Lago di Ponte

We are at the north-western end of the park, outside the “historic” forests, but in a respectable natural context, both for the pleasantness of the landscape and for the presence of a relatively intact forest cover. It is the upper Tramazzo valley, where the  Tramazzo stream, formed by a fan of ditches at the foot of the homonymous hill, bathes Tredozio – the main inhabited area of ​​the valley – and then descends to Modigliana where it gives life to the Marzeno river (geographically speaking, a torrent too) joining the “cousins” Acerreta and Ibola.

The path proposed here has all the advantages of mediumship: length and height difference are contained but not too much, the path is easy while being all on real paths (even the summit section, on the gravel track, if desired, is avoidable) and the environmental outline, although devoid of the flora and fauna elements peculiar to the heart of the Park, it reserves many surprises. After all, the “noon” beech trees surrounding Fonte del Bepi, the absolutely monumental one of Valdanda (and also that of Ca ‘Cerreta, reachable with a short detour), even the most famous giants of the Park.