1 - Trek 23 - Between Tuscany and Romagna in the footsteps of Dino Campana

Castagno d’Andrea – Migliari – Giogo – Poggio Corsoio – Sassello – Giogo – Ripalta – Castagno d’Andrea

In the first part, the itinerary followed (probably) by Dino Campana between 17 and 18 September 1910, during the Journey to La Verna, included in the Canti Orfici. After the page dedicated to Chestnut and “to the steep rocks of Falterona”, Campana, in the following one, notes “Sulla Falterona (Giogo)” and describes a “cubistic landscape” with “the solemn sadness of Falterona swelling like a huge petrified horse , which leaves behind it a cavalry of cracks cracks and cracks in the rock up to the sandy boils of hills over there on the plain of Tuscany ». It is true that the Campanian opera has nothing geographic and that it prescinds from these which are simple conjectures, however, we like to think that these are the places sung (not described, he sang them) by one of the greatest poets of the twentieth century. The tour, with a double ring, is long and with a severe difference in height but among the most advisable in the whole park.