1 - Trek 24 - At the Camaldoli Hermitage along the ridge of Poggio Scali

Calla Pass- Porcareccio Pass- Prato Bertone – Sacro Eremo and return

Long traverse representing – together with those from La Lama and Serravalle – the most beautiful access to the Hermitage of Camaldoli. In fact, considering the characteristics of the terrain – always a wide and gravel forest road, only in the last part replaced by a path – it could be considered a trivial walk, also quite monotonous given the elementary nature of the progression. However the reasons for landscape-naturalistic interest, absolutely top notch, make it an excursion with a capital “E”, exciting and memorable. To overcome the length, do not overlook the possibility of completing it in two days, continuing from the hermitage to the town of Camaldoli (calculate another hour) for the overnight stay. It should be noted that this excursion was found to be tackled with unfair sufficiency: keep in mind the altitude of the ridge, wind exposed, and the sudden changes of weather, which, in some seasons, can make the characteristics of the environment considerably severe.