1 - Trek 28 - A ring path between Moggiona, Rifugio Asqua and Valagnesi

Moggiona – Sasso Croce – La Rota – Poggio Cavallino – Valagnesi – Moggiona this ring path (indeed, “balloon” because there is a first straight section that will be retraced on the way back) is located on the varied Tuscan side, with pleasant changes in the environment: from reforestation of conifers to beech, arid bushes, up to traditional cultivations that surround Valagnesi and Case Gonzano. Another its peculiarity is the historical importance of this path, because throughout the central part, for about 3 km, you follow the ancient “via dei legni”, a hauling and transport track (or rather a drag track: pairs of yoked oxen were used) which led to Pratovecchio, where the trunks were floated in the Arno. The track is also varied: path, forest track, mule track and even a few short stretches of asphalt, which is certainly not busy, between the firs of Croce Gaggi and on the bucolic road from Casalino to the Asqua refuge.