1 - Trek 29 - A ring path between il Monastery and Hermitage of Camaldoli

Camaldoli – Cotozzo Refuge – Fonte della Duchessa – Sacred Hermitage – Camaldoli Itinerary full of history and suggestions related to the beauty of the two Camaldolese settlements, the Monastery and the Hermitage. The latter is a stone enchantment surrounded by fir trees, rich of art but above all of spirituality and mysticism. The arrangement of the spaces allowed and allows the monks to coexist the two moments of life, cenobitic (community) and anachoretic (in solitude). In any case, the common denominator is the contemplative, meditative dimension made up of inner reflection, a recollection to which the surrounding nature is not extraneous. Paradoxically (but not so much, if you think about it) here the forest has the same functions as the desert of the first anchor fathers, far from the troubles of the city and the “century”. The hiker, as well as the tourist, can access a part of the Sacred Hermitage at specific times, but we still recommend an entrance and a visit “on tiptoe” in total respect of the characters of the place that still require silence.