2 - Trek 10 - From Fiumari a Ballatoio e Villaneta

Just below Campigna

Nice “balloon” ride with the wire winding on a dirt track and ring on real paths; the top one, from Ballatoio to Villaneta, is one of the most beautiful paths in the whole park, at least for those interested in forestry aspects, with a very heterogeneous beech forest (mixed with maples, linden, wych elm and, very localized, yew), not high but rich in microthermal species linked to cool-humid ravines (ferns, lunaria rediviva, spindle, etc.); the overall exposure is towards the north and we find ourselves at the foot of the wooded ridge that runs much higher from the Calla towards Poggio Scali, furrowed by wild valleys with perennial ditches. The return also presents hints of historical-anthropological value thanks to the ancient buildings that flank the mule track.