2 - Trek 16 - Serra Pass along Pilgrims route

From Corezzo a short hiking ring along the park’s oldest mule tracks The Serra pass mule track is one of the most fascinating in the entire Casentino area, even if only for the tangible memory of the millions of feet that have trodden, traveled and worn it over the centuries. It connected – and still connects – the upper Savio valley with that of the Corsalone, detaching itself from the Romagna valley near the Gualchiere (about 2 km south of Bagno di Romagna) and climbing the Nasseto ridge of and then reaching the summit ridge at a pass not quite low (1150 m), but evidently “comfortable” for other reasons, if it is true, as is true, that its attendance is documented already in protohistoric times and that it experienced a very intense season with pilgrimages medieval buildings going to Rome and then to La Verna. This itinerary follows the best preserved stretch of all, on the Tuscan side, from the mountain Serra village to the homonymous pass, among the remains of ancient pavements where you still seem to perceive that “incessant wear and tear of steps” of the pilgrims coming down from the Alp to reach the Serra hospitals and Scapruggine, now out of the danger and storms of the ridge.