2 - Trek 5 - On Tiravento Mount ridges

Outward journey to Rotondo Mount-return to the Rocca di Montalto Majestic ring tour, quite anomalous compared to the classic image we have of the Forests: it takes place mainly on aerial crests and partly also barren and this translates into great views. It is obviously not recommended in the hottest summer, when the nearby real Forests offer much more, but it is an authentic pleasure for the rest of the year. Reasons of environmental interest, as well as in individual uncommon botanical species (at least red juniper and Turkey oak), mainly reside in the wild valleys overlooked by what is the “turning point” as well as the highest point of the itinerary,  (and also the name testifies to the grandiose isolation of the site) and in the beautiful ruin of the medieval Montalto Tower. A final appendix to see monumental oaks further enhances the excursion.