I - Trek 13 - Deep in the Forest of Campigna

Campigna – Passo della Calla – Fonte del Raggio – Ballatoio – Villaneta – Campigna

There are many hiking tours around Campigna, for every taste and need. This one has a number of uncommon prerogatives. Above all, it allows you to discover all the tree species of the Forest, even the rarest and sporadic ones. In fact, it takes place in a biologically rich environment – the Romagna side, which, being exposed to the north, is also the freshest and most humid – and in an altitude range that goes from almost 1300 meters up to 800, a band characterized by beech but which, especially in the lower part, in the “hot subzone”, it is enriched with many other components reaching a sort of climax of biodiversity (it is a fashion slogan but before that it is a real concept, very important for nature) for the entire northern Apennines. Tree species are highlighted in bold to give an idea of ​​this. The itinerary is ring-shaped and morphologically never uniform because it crosses a series of valleys interspersed with as many secondary ridges which then, after the “turning point” of Fonte del Raggio, we will cross again in the opposite direction, lower down.