I- Trek 14 - On the roof of the Apennines where trees touch the sky

Campigna – Passo Calla – Burraia – M.Falco – M.Falterona – Sent.Lupo – Campigna

Itinerary whose logic, at first sight at least strange, is due to the possibility of reaching the nearby summit of Falterona from Monte Falco through the linear ridge that connects them. In this case, in order not to lengthen the route much, you give up making a ring and retrace your steps to the Falco, after which you go down to the Romagna side. The presence of a bit of asphalt and some not really beautiful infrastructure is compensated by the fact that it touched the north slope of Monte Falco, a treasure chest for the conservation of rare or very rare plants that survive here because of the uncommon morphological conditions (rocky cliffs furrowed by ledges and some impervious gully) and high altitude cold-humid microclimate.