I - Trek 3 - The classic ring of Acquacheta

San Benedetto – Molino dei Romiti-Cascata dell’Acquacheta – Piana dei Romiti – Monte di Londa – San Benedetto

A very classic and always beautiful itinerary, despite the not negligible crowding of spring and summer Sundays on the outward path and on the Piano dei Romiti. In fact it must be admitted that Acquacheta deserves it: it is probably the largest waterfall for the entire regional territory; moreover the natural frame, as well as the historical-evocative charm, make it even more beautiful. Notoriously sung by Dante, who passed through here during his exile from Florence, it is over 70 m high and up to 30 m wide, precipitating from a magnificent spindle-shaped cliff, all stepped. In “normal” regime it is divided into three streams and only in the event of a flood does the mass of water become unique; in this case the show is really impressive and from the crash you can understand the why of Dante’s quote, which is an “acoustic” comparison with the infernal Flegetonte.