I - Trek 9 - Ritoio Mount and Avorgnolo Mount from Fiumicello

Fiumicello – Pian di Mezzano – Ritoio Mount- Braccina Pass – Ca’ di Sopra – Fiumicello

Fiumicello is a small, very small village nestled in the valley of the homonymous ditch, tributary of the Rabbi river. Small but quite famous, especially thanks to the restaurant that acts as a true fulcrum in the town: sacrilegious and centralizing, it actually attracts more than the church standing across the street. Fiumicello is surrounded by beautiful mountains, with nice woods and some attractive hiking trails. The most beautiful is the following, for several reasons: it allows you to make a round trip, of medium-long length (5-6 hours); the ascent is on the north side, with the hardest sections in a cool wood, which makes it feasible even in the heigth of summer; reaches an isolated and panoramic peak; it has a central stretch, on a ridge, long but articulated and moved by beautiful undulations, with frequent chenges in morphology, glimpses etc.; finally, it presents naturalistic aspects which, although not comparable to those of the “historical” Forests, have their one beauty: the Docciola valley is worth for all, with its unusual rocky-wooded sections, submerged by mosses and ferns.