Nature Trail in Camaldoli

Welcome to Camaldoli

Camaldoli is perhaps the most famous place in the park because of the high natural and spiritual value of the forest and the millennial monastic settlement. Monks and forest is an inseparable union and the arch symbol is once again the silver fir. This Nature Path has a more profane character and tries to tell some “characters” that have always populated this area: the trees. We will start from the simplest forms of plant life, to get to the giants of the forest such as the Miraglia chestnut. The path is also a small introduction to botany, to ignite the visitor’s desire to recognise the multiple number of life forms in the forest.

Should the hermits have great care and diligence that the woods, which are around the hermitage, will not be reduced, nor diminished in any way, but rather, enlarged and increased. (…) Furthermore, the Fathers should diligently ensure that four or five thousand silver firs are planted in suitable places every year. Which, if for a year by chance will not be done, the following year it will be done for one and the other…

Year 1520 – Rules of Hermitic Life, Blessed Paolo Giustignani, Major of the Sacred Hermitage of Camaldoli.