Nature Trail in La Verna

Welcome to La Verna

Monte Penna de La Verna is a singular mountain that rises in the Casentino, a crossroad between Tuscany, Romagna and Umbria, between the northern and central Apennines. What makes this place unique is the presence of the monumental forest, of the calcareous cliffs, but even more the great spiritual value transmitted by San Francesco, to which Count Orlando Catani of Chiusi donated the mountain. And it is precisely from Chiusi that our journey begins: from the castle built along the main road between the upper Arno and Tiber valleys, a position of separation between the two valleys that the name itself “Chiusi della Verna” seems to remind. In front of the ancient medieval palace there is the old Praetorian Palace which housed the Podestà of the Florentine Republic, including Lodovico Buonarroti, Michelangelo’s father. From the ruins of the Castle you can see the houses and the cobbled streets of Chiusi and, upon reaching the Park Visitor Center, the Nature Trail of one of the most important places of Christianity begins.