1 – Trek 18 – In the lonely, wild valley of Pietrapazza

Difficulty: 3 scarponi su 5 9 km 700 m 5 ore

Pietrapazza - Casa Cialdella - Eremo Nuovo - Siepe dell'Orso - Abetaccia - Pietrapazza

An absolute classic of hiking: the long ride from Pietrapazza to the Bertesca ridge is so beautiful that it does not allow you to perceive too much its 700 meters gradient. The natural environments crossed are manifold and varied, from the arid ridge, to the wooded valley floor up to - and it is an apotheosis - the historic beech and white fir forests, through which the entire central stretch winds. The descent, through Siepe dell'Orso and Abetaccia, retraces one of those mule tracks worn by thousands of passes by wayfarers, charcoal burners, farmers, lumberjacks ...

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