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The educational path “Trees that touch the sky” is located in Campigna, in the heart of

The path winds through a special place, rich in nature and in history: Campigna is a small town in t

The route begins at Badia Prataglia, in the locality of Capanno. There has always been a strong link

A stage, the sixth, to leave the forests surrounding Badia Prataglia and finally reach Vallesanta, a

From the Marradi’s old town you pass under an arch and starting to rise the dorsal (o ridge) in fr

A “total crossing” of the park, which has its own undeniable charm going from one end of

Ridracoli – Casanova dell’Alpe – La Lama – San Paolo in Alpe – Biserno

Corniolo – Valbonella – Braccina Pass – Pian di Rocchi – Fratta Mount –

Tre Faggi – Celle – Pian del Grado – P.gio Bini – Pian delle Fontanelle R

Fiumicello – Pian di Visi – Ritoio Mount – Braccina Pass – Fiumicello Not ve