MTB 15 – Struggling between beech and fir trees

Difficulty: 5 ruote su 5 24 km 700 m 5 ore

Tre Faggi - Celle - Pian del Grado - P.gio Bini - Pian delle Fontanelle - P.gio Palaio - Tre Faggi Powerful ride, not so much and not only for the length - 24 km - as for the variety and grandeur of the route, sometimes open, on aerial and windy ridges, sometimes in a shady and solemn forest environment. The route allows you to cross some of the most interesting areas on the Romagna side of the park, from the fir of Campigna to the small village of Pian del Grado, up to the pastures around Ca Torni and the beech woods of Pian delle Fontanelle. Download the gps track of the itinerary:

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