The upper Tramazzo valley

Difficulty: 3 ruote su 5 25.5 km 700 m 4 ore

Tredozio - Ponte Lake - Tramazzo Hill - Collina Mount - Tredozio By now classic itinerary, worthy for the logic of the route, in a ring, and for the absence of too tiring stretches. It crosses environments of various types - former crops or pastures (more or less colonized by shrubs and bushes), coppice woods, reforestation of conifers, even with some lawns - and with remarkable views, especially on the pleasant ridge that goes from the Tramazzo pass to Collina Mount. In principle, it is more suitable for the mid-season, presenting sunny traits that in the height of summer can be prohibitive. However the latter "inconvenience" is compensated by the exposure of the slope (north). We recommend a stop at Bepi spring, not only to fill the water bottle and to enjoy the halfway point of the itinerary, but above all to see a place of charm, with its old "noon" beech trees. Download the gps track of the itinerary:

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